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Artificial Intelligence Versus Human

Butiri laurentiu grupa 1111 a - automatizari artificial intelligence versus human intelligence first of all we have to clear up what does artificial intelligence means...

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Greuceanu In Engleza

Greuceanu once upon a time there was a king by the name of red. .this king was very upset because some monsters stole the sun and the moon, his kingdom remaining in dar...

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Cartofor Columb

columbus, christopher italian cristoforo colombo, spanish cristbal coln 1451-1506, italian-spanish navigator who sailed west across the atlantic ocean in search of a r...

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Queen Elizabeth

Queen elizabeth i 1533-1603 iintroduction elizabeth i, queen of england and ireland 1558-1603, daughter of henry viii and his second wife, anne boleyn. elizabeth was th...

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Atestat Engleza

ministerul educatiei si cercetarii coordonatori prof. chira carmen prof.popa liana absolvent camarzan claudia mai 2003...

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Alfred Nobel

alfred nobel was born in stockholm on october 21, 1833. his father immanuel nobel was an engineer and inventor who built bridges and buildings in stockholm. in conn...

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formaldehyde bacioiu bogdan 11-a introduction physical properties chemical structure preparation methods reactions usage danger manufacturers source introdu...

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patriotism among many things that characterise the human kind disposition, their capacity of loving is one of the most admired and appreciated. people seem to have a s...

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Dysentery this serious illness is caused by contaminated food or water and is characterized by severe diarrhea, often with blood or mucus in the stool. there are two kin...

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11th September 2001

major events of our century the judgement day september 11th 2001 the day of september 11th 2001 will remain as a dark day in history. all people know about this day...

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Living Conditions

Living conditions indoors in its simplest form the medieval londoners house was a squalid, unhealthy hovel. built of timber and clay, as we have seen, it would probably...

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Quiz For The Wiz

Quiz the european union hi i am your host mike russo.welcome to quiz for the wiz today we have three contestants. nr. 1 mircea strugariu nr. 2 edi marinescu nr. 3 bogda...

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Valentines Day

valentines day every february, across the country, candy, flowers, and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of st. valentine. but who is this myste...

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Writing Competition-bc

Opinions about romania romania is a country which never made a difference to the other nations of the world , due to the fact that it never had an independent history...

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Bac 2002

Bac 2002 1-2 ore 1.1to tell 2to stay 3carry 4to work 5left 6must 2.1left just 2warning 3might 4neednt have run 5to watch 6will have gone 3.1might as well 2already 3is th...

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