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the 10 most important events of the human kind

the tragic story of the titanic

before the fate of the titanic, morgan robertson wrote a book called the wreck of the titan in 1898. the ship predicted unsinkable sank. many lives were lost due to too few lifeboats. this story predicted the fate of the titanic.
in 1907, j. b. ismay, president of white star lines, and lord pirrie, chairman of harland wolff shipbuilders, discussed to plan three ocean liners, one of which was the titanic. the titanic would become the biggest ship of her day.
on april 10, 1912, the titanic, commanded by captain edward j. smith, set sail. on april 11, 1912, there were seven warning messages about icebergs on the titanics course. these messages were noted but were not taken into account. at around 1140 p.m. sunday, april 14, the titanic hit an iceberg. the picture shows distress flares after the titanic hit the iceberg....

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