An Absent

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an absent-minded person

it was a sunny april morning, the people in the city had already begun their monday routine. all of them ressembled machines that were programmed to do different things,that is probably why they seemed to live only in their thight universe not seeing beyond it, not noticing the beauty of the nature, hearing neither the beautiful songs that the birds sang nor the terrible noise made by the traffic.
on one of the many streets of the great city, a man holding a briefcase was walking in a very strange manner. not only did he step in all the holes that were in that street but he also fell a few times. nevertheless he did not appear to be drunk, he seemed more like a man that had a lot on his mind.
as he was walking towards the railway station he heard the voice of a woman calling his name. he continued walking without turning back as he knew that at that hour all his friends were either at work or sleeping. the voice kept calling...

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