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bismarck, prince otto edward leopold von 1815-1898, prusso-german statesman, who was the architect and first chancellor 1871-1890 of the german empire. bismarck was born...

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Homosexuality in modern world the term homosexuality was coined in the late 19th century by a german psychologist, karoly maria benkert. although the term is new, discus...

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Thomas Hardy

thomas hardy tess of the durbervilles the greatest representative of the late victorian literature, thomas hardy, was among the novelists who marked the transition to...

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The Trumpet-major

the son of a master mason, thomas hardy was born in upper bockhampton, dorset. he was apprenticed to an architect in dorchester when he was 16, and his mother enco...

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Project English

Unteanu alexandru clasa a vii-a m2 the 10 most important events of the human kind the tragic story of the titanic before the fate of the titanic, morgan robertson wrot...

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James Clerk Maxwell

James clerk maxwell born 13 june 1831 in edinburgh, scotlanddied 5 nov 1879 in cambridge, cambridgeshire, england james clerk maxwell was born at 14 india street in e...

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Engleza Gramatica

lectia 1 substantivul bun venit la cursul de gramatica limbii engleze 1.1 felul substantivelor substantivele in limba engleza se pot mparti in patru categorii sub...

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Eng - English Literature

English literature introduction english literature, literature produced in england, from the introduction of old english by the anglo-saxons in the 5th century to t...

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Cloning is a very controversial theme. it is considered by many people and nations as an immoral practice, a bad appendix of science. cloning does violate the laws of nat...

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Iintroduction elizabeth i 1533-1603, queen of england and ireland 1558-1603, daughter of henry viii and his second wife, anne boleyn. elizabeth was the longest-reigning e...

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George Washington

Project 2 snapshot of a famous life george washington name george washington nationality american born february - 22 - 1732 died december - 14 - 1799 domain of activi...

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Timpurile Verbelor Limbii Engleze

Timpurile verbelor limbii engleze timpul forma cum se formeaza mentiuni the present tense simple aff. neg. int. s vbprima forma s dontdoesnt vbprima forma dodoes...

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Louisa May Alcott

Louisa may alcott 1832-1888 biographical information her homes louisa may alcott was born on november 29, 1832, in germantown, pennsylvania. when she was almost 2 years...

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Humans Playing God

In a world where recent advancements have gone beyond the limits of imagination, technology has visibly interfered with the natural order of creation. firstly, both human...

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The devils disciple george bernard shaw george bernard shaw was born in dublin in a family belonging to the irish protestant gentry. apart from the musical education he...

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