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Our journey to a strange planet the best way to introduce these notes from our journey is to report great leader cottafts speech to us. on the day before we left earth...

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South Pole

Doomed expedition to the south pole, 1912 on november 12, 1912 an antarctic search party discovered its objective - the tent of captain robert scott and his two companio...

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Summary Gulliver

summary first voyage liliput. gulliver, ships doctor on the anteope in shipwreked near van diemends land tasmania but mananges to make shore, where he falls uncon...

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Louisa May Alcott

Louisa may alcott 1832-1888 biographical information her homes louisa may alcott was born on november 29, 1832, in germantown, pennsylvania. when she was almost 2 years...

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The White House

the history of the white house by v. i. andronache introduction the white house, located at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, n.w., in washington dc, has been the home of e...

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Humans Playing God

In a world where recent advancements have gone beyond the limits of imagination, technology has visibly interfered with the natural order of creation. firstly, both human...

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Quantum Computers

quantum computers nowadays the information technology is evolving rapidly. the search is primarily focused on the words compact and efficient. as the number of tran...

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The adventures of huckleberry finn -mark twain- mark twain real name samuel langhorne clemens was born on the missouri frontier and spent his childhood here. he was forc...

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if a lion knew his strength, it were hard for any man to hold him. by stanciu diana alexandra cls avii-a e coordinating teacher geno...

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History Part 1

graffiti ground work 1966-71graffiti was used primarily by political activists to make statements and street gangs to mark territory. it wasnt till the late 1960s that w...

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Who Was King Arthur

was arthur a king or just a battle commander explorations in arthurian history the figure of arthur begins as a war hero, the praises of whom are sung in war poems by...

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My Company

My company first i would like to think a little about what and why more and more people become so interested in marketing some say that marketing is the identification an...

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The tragedy of julius caesar william shakespeare in 1598, francis meres described shakespeare as the most excellent in both sides - comedy and tragedy. his comedies are...

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Artificial Intelligence Versus Human

Butiri laurentiu grupa 1111 a - automatizari artificial intelligence versus human intelligence first of all we have to clear up what does artificial intelligence means...

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Curs 9 burse internationale de valori si marfuri - continuare curs 8 - sedinta de tranzactionare in cadrul bursei se desfasoara prin parcurgerea urmatoarelor etape pred...

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