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Ploiesti the city of black gold

situated in the south eastern romania, having a population of over 250,000 inhabitants, ploiesti is one of romanias most important cities, on the second place after bucharest as for the industrial production.
at a 60 km distance from bucharest, crossed by the 26 meridian and the 44 55 parallel, ploiesti is the petroleum industrial citadel.
ploiesti is also known for the production and exportation of the petrochemical, chemical and petroleum equipment, heavy duty bearings, cables, detergents, cloths, furniture, as well for the civil and industrial engineering made abroad.
the economic potential of the city is remarkable, due to the tradition and professionalism of the designing companies petrostar, raytheon engineers constructors, ipip, comproiect 92, maad international, in the domain of the chemical and petrochemical equipment, ipcup s.a. in the domain of drilling and exploitation equipment, icerp in the domain of pe...

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