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Burse Curs

Burse de marfuri si valori bursa reprezinta - piata in genere, locul unde se efectueaza schimburi com. ansamblul tranzactiilor cu marfuri si valori - tranzactii cu anum...

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Grand Canyon

Grand canyon immense gorge cut by the colorado river into the high plateaus of northwestern arizona, u.s., noted for its fantastic shapes and coloration. the broad, int...

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American Vs

Muresan camelia vasilica lre i 1 american vs. british englishbasic differences and influences of change introduction american english acquired international signif...

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halloween anicent origins halloweens origins date back to the ancient celtic festival of samhain pronounced sow-in. the celts, who lived 2,000 years ago in the area tha...

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Fred Astaire

astaire, fred 1899-1987, american dancer and actor, known for his graceful, sophisticated dance style and for his musical comedy films. born fred austerlitz in omaha, n...

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Bleak House

Bleak house -charles dickens- charles dickens was born on february 7, 1812 at lamport, portsmouth, being the second of the eight children of john dickens, a clerk in the...

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friendship true friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity, before it is entitled to the a...

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vangelis who is vangelis vangelis is a famous greek composer and keyboardist. he composes and performs mainly instrumental music and filmscores. his music is often...

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Traditions Culture Romania

within south eastern europe however, romania preserved a significant number of traditional customs and celebrations manifest within the strong community of the village...

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Why Wind Energy

why wind energy wind energy is one of the most promising energy technologies for today, for the 21st century, and beyond. wind energy is clean wind turbines emi...

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Robinson Crusoe

Robinson crusoe it is the starting point of the modern novel. with it, the bourgevis comes into literature. it is a novel of adventures . books about voyages and new di...

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paulo coelho is not only one of the most widely read, but also one of the most influential authors writing today. the jury of the 2001 bambi awards, on presenting him...

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Oameni De Stiinta Romani In Engleza

Constantin parhon 1874 - romanian endocrinologist a scientist of world reputation professor at the university of bucharest. member of the romanian academy and member of...

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Ireland geography ireland is an island on the western fringe of europe between latitude 51 12 and 55 12 degrees north, and longitude 5 12 to 10 12 degrees west. its gr...

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Motor Cars

the motor car first appeared in germany in 1885 when karl benz and gottlieb daimler, each working independently of the other, produced self-propelled vehicles powered b...

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