A Good Time But Polluted

A Good Time But Polluted

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becleanu 1
becleanu paula
professor man
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31 oct. 2003

a good time, but polluted

it was summer. and it was a hot day of july. i was at home and i was looking on the window when i

said i want to do something i was alone because my parents and my brother were at some friends. i didnt want

to go because i considered that was a boring visit. but i realized that to stay home, alone, was more boring than


so i picked up the phone and call my friend, diana. she was home with her sister. she was looking on

t.v. when i called her. together we decided to go out somewhere. but where we didnt knew were to go but

guess what we called all our friends and we asked them if they want to come with us to a picnic in the forest.

that forest wasnt far away from the city. it was a good idea because all of them wanted to spend have...

good, time, but, polluted
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