Philosophical Reflection On Christensen

Philosophical Reflection On Christensen

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Philosophical reflection on christensen et al.s proposed explanation of schizophrenia and the emergence of psychotic symptoms

...the strongest continues...

in the explanation of this facts, christensen et al. related many scientific findings and made some explanatory hypothesis about some possible causes see christensen et al., 2004. i will represent only the intelligible core of their explanatory proposal.

the retroviral activation in the brain and cerebrospinal fluid of some patients with schizophrenia, during acute exacerbations karlsson et al., 2001, may cause, consider christensen et al., an inflamatory process in brains white matter.

this inflamatory process can be folowed by the activation of a glutamatergic state in brain to which oligodendrocites,

specialized glia that encircle axons with myelin, are very sensitive.

this hyper-glutamatergic state is considered as being toxical.

the ultim...

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