Comments To Reflection On The Idea Of Nothing

Comments To Reflection On The Idea Of Nothing

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Reflection on the idea of nothing
written in purple davis has.
on the reference of the idea of nothing
it seems to me that there can be no absolute nothing.

an idea is not nothing indeed, every posible cognitive system is material and, therefore, is a function of matter it is something material as a material state of a material system therefore, until we have any idea, the absolute nothing cannot be.
on the other hand, if the quantity of energy from universe is constant, that is, if energy cannot be destroyed, but only transformed from a state in an another state, than outer nothing cannot be, therefore absolute nothing cannot be, that is nothing both inside and outside, cannot be. if the empty space is indestructible, than the same it holds.

on the content of the idea of nothing

by our experience of relative nothinge.g., an empty box or by the experince of relative destruction we can arrive, by mental oper...

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