Philosophical Considerations On The Human Cognitive Aging

Philosophical Considerations On The Human Cognitive Aging

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Philosophical considerations on the human cognitive aging

life implies time. the biotime of a human being has two main components the development-time and the aging-time. life is temporal. thus, there is a succesion of changes from birth until to death, in the case of human being. here, i want to appreciate, again, some of the main causes and conditions on which aging depends.

1. the role of energy in the explanation of aging

aging is a process, but is a process that affects either an unicellular or a multicellular object. that is why, aging have to be a process that affects the cells. the cells are micro-objects of which functional characteristics depend on their compositional and structural characteristics. being open and active systems, the cells consume energy. every activity implies energy consumption. the reduction of energetical resources affects the activity or the functioning of cells. that is, it is supossed that, the continuous reductio...

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