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Present Tense Simple

timpurile verbelor present tense simple -exprima o actiune obijnuita sau repetata regular. -se fol. adv. always, usualy, offen, seldom, never. -forma pt.i, you, we,...

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without stress, there would be no life one can hardly pick up a newspaper or magazine or watch tv without seeing or hearing some reference to stress .why all the sud...

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berlin, city in northeastern germany, capital of a united germany from 1871 to 1945 and again since 1990. it lies on the flatlands of the north german plain at the conf...

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Horatio Nelson

Horatio nelson horatio nelson had a passionate belief in his ability to become a hero. his famous naval career began in 1771 when he was only twelve years old, and ended...

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What Is A Genius

genius, in roman mythology, a protecting, or guardian, spirit. it was believed that every individual, family, and city had its own genius. the genius rec eived speci...

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Homosexuality in modern world the term homosexuality was coined in the late 19th century by a german psychologist, karoly maria benkert. although the term is new, discus...

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Oameni De Stiinta Romani In Engleza

Constantin parhon 1874 - romanian endocrinologist a scientist of world reputation professor at the university of bucharest. member of the romanian academy and member of...

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the tower of london has been the setting for many great events during its 900-year history as a royal palace and fortress, prison and place of execution, arsenal,...

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The Energy Story

the energy story nuclear energy - fission and fusion another major form of energy is nuclear energy, the energy that is trapped inside each atom. one of the laws of th...

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a happy new year to you in all the countries of the world and in britain and the united states as well, it is a tradition to make the last night of the year one of fun...

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fish. iintroduction fish, diverse group of animals that live and breathe in water. all fishes are vertebrates animals with backbones with gills for breathing. most f...

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Life On Other Planets

Life on other planets is there extraterrestrial life no answer to this eternally fascinating question currently exists, but astronomers have gathered a significant amo...

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Discrimination the lakota, also called sioux, are a native american people whose members live mainly in north dakota and south dakota in the united states. 1 young wom...

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Ming Pei

Ieoh ming pei 1983 laureate ieoh ming pei is a founding partner of i. m. pei partners, since evolved to pei cobb freed partners, based in new york city. he was born in ch...

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Living Conditions

Living conditions indoors in its simplest form the medieval londoners house was a squalid, unhealthy hovel. built of timber and clay, as we have seen, it would probably...

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