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pasteur, louis 1822-1895, french chemist and biologist, who founded the science of microbiology, proved the germ theory of disease, invented the pro...

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France france in french, rpublique franaise, country in western europe, bounded on the north by the english channel, the strait of dover, and the north sea which separat...

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Defoe, daniel 1660-1731, english novelist and journalist, whose work reflects his diverse experiences in many countries and in many walks of life. besides being a brillia...

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Anesthesiology clinics of north americavolume 14 number 4 december 1996copyright 1996 w. b. saunders company 711 ambulatory anesthesia current status of regional ane...

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Eng - Tornados

Tornados, cyclones and hurricanes tornado latin tonare, to thunder violent whirling wind, characteristically accompanied by a funnel-shaped cloud extending down from...

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Cartofor Columb

columbus, christopher italian cristoforo colombo, spanish cristbal coln 1451-1506, italian-spanish navigator who sailed west across the atlantic ocean in search of a r...

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Pictures marriage of the virgin the marriage of the virgin 1504 by raphael demonstrates the full understanding of linear perspective that had developed by the high rena...

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Mark Twain - The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn 2

Mark twain the adventures of hukleberry finn 1884 -summary of the novel huck escapes from the lonely cabin in which his drunken, brutal father had imprisoned him. on ja...

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The Britons Midle Age

following the withdrawal of the roman legions to gaul modern france around 400, the british isles fell into a very dark period of several centuries from which almost...

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The Gallic Wars

the gallic wars 58-50 bce the german threat gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres... with these words, caesar begins the bellum gallicum, his own account of the g...

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bismarck, prince otto edward leopold von 1815-1898, prusso-german statesman, who was the architect and first chancellor 1871-1890 of the german empire. bismarck was born...

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Elizabeth I

elizabeth i 1533-1603 semper eadem always the same young bess elizabeths life was troubled from the moment she was born. henry viii had changed the course of his coun...

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A Forest Is A Community Of Trees

A forest is a community of trees, shrubs, herbs, microorganisms, and animals, the trees being the most obvious living structures. trees can survive under a wide range of...

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My Favorite Pets

My favorite pets dogs categorys boxer boxer, breed of working dog, developed in germany during the second half of the 19th and early part of the 20th centuries from a...

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Made by albu rozalina group e36 georg wilhelm friedrich hegel along with j. g. fichte and f. w. j. von schelling, hegel 1770-1831 belongs to the period of german idealis...

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