What Is A Genius

What Is A Genius

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genius, in roman mythology, a protecting, or guardian, spirit. it was believed that every individual, family, and city had its own genius. the genius rec eived special worship as a household god because it was thought to bestow success and intellectual powers on its devotees. for this reason, the word came to designate a person with unusual intellectual powers. the genius of a woman was sometimes referred to as a juno. in art, the genius of a person was frequently depicted as a winged youth the genius of a place, as a serpent.

so a genius is a very smart person who born at few centuries . i can get examples from all the world albert einstein in physics , thomas edison a genius of inventions , michelangelo in arts , mihai eminescu in romanian lyrics , iulia hasdeu , george enesco , and the list goes on .

further on , i studied their carrer and i have informations about them

1 . thomas edison
american thomas alva edison p...

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