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The pyramids

pyramid architecture , ceremonial structures used as tombs or temples that were built by the people of certain ancient civilization , notably the ancient egyptians , the aztecs , and the maya , and certain other ancient peoples of the northern andean region of south america . the pyramids of egypt are of an exact pyramidal form , having four triangular sides that meet at a point at the summit . pyramids in central and south america by contrast are flat-topped , and usually have steps leading to the summit.
the egyptian pyramids were built as royal tombs , and were designed to hold the body of the pharaon . those in central and south america were temples on the summit of which religious rituals were performed , although they sometimes also served as the tombs of important rulers.
pyramids in egypt
in egypt , the first pyramid were built in about 2700 bc . they probably developed from the mastaba , a low , rectangular tomb with a...

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