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Reflection on the content and the reference of the idea of representation

review of vacariu et al.s toward a very idea of representation

...the debates in cognitive science focus on the problem of representation. unfortunately, these debates regard either representational formatas in the computationalism-connectionism debate, or the problem of representational contentas in representationalism-antirepresentationalism debate, but they are not concerning with the nature of representation. thus one question legitimaly arises how can beyond of these debates our believe is that what completely misses in cognitive science is an abstract theory of representation by means of wich it is possible to go beyond of these debatesvacariu et al. 2001, 290.

authors like mundy, swoyer, suppes, mormann and ibara, etc., dealt with a general theory of representation. thus, it is not about creating a new abstract theory of representation, but only to search wich theory...

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