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Practically unsinkable

as soon as the waves of the north atlantic closed over the stern of rms titanic on 15 april 1912, the myths began surrounding her design, construction and transatlantic voyage. the titanic disaster today is a classic tale, a modern folk story, but like all folk stories our understanding of what really happened has been clouded by the way the disaster has been recounted over the years.

the claim actually made was that she was practically unsinkable,...

it was said that the builders and owners of titanic claimed she was unsinkable. the claim actually made was that she was practically unsinkable, close enough, but nevertheless an unfortunate statement and one which would haunt both builder and owner for years.
titanic, the largest vessel in the world when she entered service in 1912, was neither the finest nor the most technically advanced of her day. size, seldom an indication that something is bett...

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