The Paparuda

The Paparuda

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11th february 2003

romanian festivals

romania has many beautiful festivals and traditions. people have festivals for each season.
here are some festivals that romanians celebrate in spring
-the paparuda rain caller is the ritual celebrated in spring on a date that varies from place to place. an old magical dance invoking rain, this customs survived to the present day in many village of romania. the children knit coronets, adorning them with ribbons. then they dance, going from house to house. the hostess throws water and milk after them. the children and the young people have to receive a coin or wheat, corn, flour or bean.
-the march amulet is a traditional romanian custom. every year romanian people knit two little tassels a white one and a red one. at the beginning of march, they offer this amulet to the girls they love in moldavia, part of romania, all persons can receive a little march amulet. red means love for everything that i...

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