Referatu Le English Relationships

Referatu Le English Relationships

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there are a variety of relationships in our daily life, they can be short, between two people meeting on the street and just saying hello or they can be formal, between business people that are having a meeting to decide something.
the most important relationships are and will always be the relationships between lovers and relations inside the family.

the family is, from the beginning of mankind, one of the most important points in a persons life. the family is the one you belong to, the family is the first you are missing when you are far away and the one you feel that you can lean on when you feel lonely, and the family should surely be the place where you feel home, no matter where you are. unfortunately it often happens that families fall apart, parents are breaking up and the children are being raised only with one family part, or it can happen even worse when the man starts to beat the woman and the children are growing up...

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