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Quiz For The Wiz

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the european union

hi i am your host mike russo.welcome to quiz for the wiz
today we have three contestants.
nr. 1 mircea strugariu
nr. 2 edi marinescu
nr. 3 bogdan pavel
and now our subject for today. the subject is the european union.
now let me tell you the rules.after i put the question, you will have respond quiclyand get points for each correct answer.are you readyno matter lets start
quiz for the wiz
first question
what is the european union
correct answer the european union is an community of european countries that are united in economic bussines and supporting each other.

second question
what is the date when the european union was established
correct answer the date when the u.e. was established is the 7-th of february 1992 of the maastricht treety signed by 13 members of the european community.

third question

quiz, for, the, wiz
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