Poienari Stronghold

Poienari Stronghold

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21st january 2003

poienari stronghold

27 km away from curtea de arges you can see the ruins of the vlad the impaler domain, known today as dracula castle, which are built on a peak, near by the arges spring, in romania. it is a steep climb up 1,500 steps.
the castle lays at an altitude of 850m, protected by abrupt slopes. the historians know the site as poienari stronghold, dated in 14th century and by compare is smaller and narrower than other constructions of the time33m w, 40m l.
the construction, perfectly adapted to the terrain couldnt host a garrison larger than 30-40 men but enough to defend the position. also the historians say that between the 12th century until the 16th century the stronghold was operational.
the castle was devastated many times during the turks sieges, but when the impaler started his kingship he rebuild it using enthralled boyars. in 1457, sustained by a faithful army, the prince began a campaign for liber...

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