Gibraltar Bridge

Gibraltar Bridge

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gibraltar bridge

a bridge spanning 9 miles over the straits of gibraltar at the entryway to the mediterranean would be the longest and tallest ever built. it would connect cultures of christianity and islam and potentially increase ties between the economies of europe and africa.

gibraltar bridge
the proposed bridge over the straits of gibraltar would allow automobile traffic between spain and morocco.

location strait of gibraltar. links spain and morocco.
length 9 miles, two spans of 4 12 miles each
height each tower is 3,000 feet tall. twice as high as the worlds tallest skyscraper.
width 5 traffic lanes, 2 breakdown lanes in each direction
road deck material fiberglass
length of wire cables 1,000,000 miles enough to circle the earth almost 30 times
closest living relative akashi bridge in japan, worlds longest suspension bridge at 12,828 feet.
cost 15 billion

gibraltar, bridge
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