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the name argentina the name argentina comes from the latin argentum which means silver. the origin of the name goes back to the voyages made by the first spanish...

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Romania republic, in south-eastern europe, bordered on the north by ukraine on the east by moldova on the south-east by the black sea on the south by bulgaria on the so...

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Project English

Unteanu alexandru clasa a vii-a m2 the 10 most important events of the human kind the tragic story of the titanic before the fate of the titanic, morgan robertson wrot...

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A Forest Is A Community Of Trees

A forest is a community of trees, shrubs, herbs, microorganisms, and animals, the trees being the most obvious living structures. trees can survive under a wide range of...

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The Universecool

p l a in e t s the relatively large natural bodies that revolve in orbits around the sun, and presumably around other stars as well, are called planets. the term doe...

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Political Islam In Saudi Arabia

University of bucharest faculty of political science english section sophomore subject international relations instructor ruxandra ivan student doru frantescu polit...

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The Beatles

the beatles index 1. introduction.2 2. content3 3. conclusion..5 4. bibliography6 1. introduction the beatles were an extremely popular and influential group...

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Atestat Engleza

ministerul educatiei si cercetarii coordonatori prof. chira carmen prof.popa liana absolvent camarzan claudia mai 2003...

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a happy new year to you in all the countries of the world and in britain and the united states as well, it is a tradition to make the last night of the year one of fun...

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Ship Types

Ship types some of the battleships currently available in europe and all over the world are torpedo-boatthese ships have been misrepresented in empire. they were design...

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Queen Victoria

victoria r. 1837-1901victoria was born at kensington palace, london, on 24 may 1819. she was the only daughter of edward, duke of kent, fourth son of george iii. her fat...

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Iintroduction horse, large land mammal notable for its speed, strength, and endurance. horses are members of the equidae family, which also includes zebras and asses. lik...

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Iintroduction teeth, hard, bony structures in the mouths of humans and animals used primarily to chew food, but also for gnawing, digging, fighting, and catching and kill...

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welcome to stockholm the city is bursting with life and bustling with activity all year round, offering visitors a rich variety of events and activities, culture...

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Festivals All Over Europe

neujahr 1 january, or the new year, is a public holiday in germany. during the week before catholic lent, carnivalcalled fastnacht or faschingis celebrated in so...

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