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Towards a very idea of representation review of vacariu et al.s toward a very idea of representation ...the debates in cognitive science focus on the problem of represe...

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Probleme Info

problema 1 se dau in orase. se cunoaste distanta dintre oricare doua orase. un distribuitor de carte cauta sa-si faca un dep...

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Implementarea Bibliotecilor In Java

Implementarea bibliotecilor n java construirea de biblioteci abstracte clase si pachete de clase este o parte importanta in dezvoltarea aplicatiilor java si nu numai. v...

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Bleak House

Bleak house -charles dickens- charles dickens was born on february 7, 1812 at lamport, portsmouth, being the second of the eight children of john dickens, a clerk in the...

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Language In Cross-cultural Understanding

language in cross-cultural understanding introduction much of our understanding of the world comes from words the words that others use to describe thei...

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Eng - History Of Education

The history of education education, history of, theories, methods, and administration of schools and other agencies of information from ancient times to the present. e...

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A Forest Is A Community Of Trees

A forest is a community of trees, shrubs, herbs, microorganisms, and animals, the trees being the most obvious living structures. trees can survive under a wide range of...

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Lista Vinuri Prg

la bd lista vinuri sa se realizeze un program in care cu ajutorul unui meniu numit m1, sa se faca operatiile 1. adaugare 2. modificare 3. cautare 4. iesire. pentru f...

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stonehenge salisbury plain, england stonehenge, prehistoric ritual monument, situated on salisbury plain in south-western england and dating from the neolithic late ston...

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stonehenge salisbury plain, england stonehenge salisbury plain, england stonehenge, prehistoric ritual monument, situated on salisbury plain in south-western engla...

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Sama Bin Laden

a symbol of a nation osama bin laden what do we really know about this person, about his thoughts, his behaviourvery little. this man became a symbol, a point of refe...

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shakespeare the life although the amount of factual knowledge available about shakespeare is surprisingly large for one of his station in life, many find it a little di...

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thomas alva edison 1847-1931 -descoperitorul emisiei termoelectrice- familia din partea tatalui, era emigranta din olanda.parintii i proveneau din mica intelectualit...

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The Adjective

the adjective adjectives describe the qualities of people,things,places etc. i. types of adjectives 1. adjective proper good,blue,alive. noun converted into a...

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there are three types of adj that can be used to describe things places adj of quality adj proper dry , golden , heavy , sqare , strange , steep , picturesqu...

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