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Elizabeth I

elizabeth i 1533-1603 semper eadem always the same young bess elizabeths life was troubled from the moment she was born. henry viii had changed the course of his coun...

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United States Vs United Kingdom Vs Romania

Comparison between the united states, united kingdom and romanian constitutions and legal system regardless of some minor differences the fundamental law in all the...

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Homosexuality in modern world the term homosexuality was coined in the late 19th century by a german psychologist, karoly maria benkert. although the term is new, discus...

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Thomas Hardy

thomas hardy tess of the durbervilles the greatest representative of the late victorian literature, thomas hardy, was among the novelists who marked the transition to...

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Why Wind Energy

why wind energy wind energy is one of the most promising energy technologies for today, for the 21st century, and beyond. wind energy is clean wind turbines emi...

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Robinson Crusoe

Robinson crusoe it is the starting point of the modern novel. with it, the bourgevis comes into literature. it is a novel of adventures . books about voyages and new di...

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Sweet Fourteen

sweet fourteen in my opinion is a very difficult to speak about this age, as every person thinks differently about this topic. i think that you, as a teacher, gav...

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A Forest Is A Community Of Trees

A forest is a community of trees, shrubs, herbs, microorganisms, and animals, the trees being the most obvious living structures. trees can survive under a wide range of...

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Egyptian Civilization

according to the egyptian account of creation, only the ocean existed at first. then ra, the sun, came out of an egg a flower, in some versions that appeared on the su...

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English - Education In The Uk

education in the united kingdom historical importance of education education is a vital concern throughout britain because a highly developed nati...

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London Color

london england, city, capital of the united kingdom. it is situated in south-eastern england at the head of the river thames estuary. settled by the romans as an impo...

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Madonna Copilarie

childhood madonna was born on the 16th of august 1958 in rochester, michigan, usa. her family lived in pontiac, michigan at the time, but were visiting grandmo...

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A Country To Enjoy

A country to enjoy legacies of a troubled but inspiring heritage legends like that of count dracula or the real history of romania are testimonies of such an exciting...

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C economy the augustan age sparked a major economic revival. the emperor directly controlled coinage, taxation, and his own enormous estates, but otherwise allowed the...

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a happy new year to you in all the countries of the world and in britain and the united states as well, it is a tradition to make the last night of the year one of fun...

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