Elizabethan Age

Elizabethan Age

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Elizabethan age

elizabeth i 1533-1603 , queen of england and ireland 1558-1603 is the daughter of henry viii , king of england and of his second wife , anne boleyn .she was the last of the tudor rules of england , and she gave her name to an era , elizabethan england . later , it was regarded as a golden age of national triumph and cultural brilliance , with a victorious struggle against the spanish empire typified by the defeat of the spanish armada , and the flowering of the english renaissance .

english protestants believed that it was important for lay believers to read the bible , and endowing schools with money considered a moral duty . many schools were founded between the reign of elizabeth is brother , edward vi at the end of the 16th century . these were mainly grammar schools , and there were two types public grammar schools , which were given money by a wealthy or even noble patron to teach both rich and poor boys no...

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