Review Of Gazzaniga And Baynes

Review Of Gazzaniga And Baynes

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Review of gazzaniga and baynes consciousness, introspection, and the split-brain the two mindsone body problem

the multiple facets of consciousness

the sum of their main ideas consciousness has multiple facets. the two hemispheres can have different states of consciousness. the right hemisphere has more limited cognitive capacities than the left one, but however should be invested with some respectability, cause it is more than an automaton, demonstrating a variety of complex cognitive abilities as exhibition of goal-directed behavior, formulating some basic hypotheses regarding the relation of its actions to the world, the desire to cooperate with the experimenter in experimental tasks.

separation of the two hemispheres shows some cognitive function losses e.g. writing performace, memory performence that confirm the principle that the whole is more than the sum of its parts that is, some cognitive tasks implies the unidirectional or bidirectional...

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