The Count Of Monte Cristo-summary

The Count Of Monte Cristo-summary

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The count of monte cristo

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the novel begins with the handsome young sailor edmond dantes. he has just returned from a journey aboard the pharaon. the pharaons shipowner, m. morrel, rushes out to meet the ship. he finds that the captain has died en route, and dantes has assumed the post with admirable skill. he thus plans to make dantes officially the next captain of the ship.
dantes future is thus promising. his fathers financial situation as well as his own will be greatly ameliorated. in addition, dantes has plans to marry the beautiful mercedes who has awaited his return from sea with great anxiety and love.
dantes will not get the chance to realize his bright future, however. his success has earned him three conspiring enemies. they write a letter falsely incriminating him in a bonapartist plot the royalists are currently in power. these three enemies are danglars, fernand mondego, and caderousse. danglars will become captain of...

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