Reformele Lui Cezar

Reformele Lui Cezar

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The reforms of caesar


the man of the people
caesar spent little time in rome, during the years in which he was master of rome. despite this, he managed to institute a large number of reforms in the short time he was granted.

like all the other populists, caesar had used the people of rome on his way to power. he was not alone in his time, the citizens of rome had evolved into a proletariat which subsisted on electoral bribery, feast, triumphs and above all the free corn dole. but although caesar used the people, he never trusted them, being all too aware of how fickle they were. during the years of the gallic wars, he had often sent his soldiers home to vote during the elections.

in addition, people like clodius and milo had organized armed bands, organized in collegia clubs, to disturb elections and terrorize the populace. the sum total of this was violence, unrest and social distress, and caesar initiated r...

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