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Our journey to a strange planet

the best way to introduce these notes from our journey is to report great leader cottafts speech to us. on the day before we left earth he called us all together and said
tomorrow, the globe will go out. tomorrow, the science and skill of earth will win a victory over nature. there were other races on earth before ours, but they could not control nature so they died as conditions changed. we have become stronger, and we have solved problem after problem. and now we must solve the most difficult problem of all. earth, our world, is old and nearly dead. the end is near, and we must find a new home and make sure our race survives.
tomorrow the globe will set out to search the heavens in every direction. each one of you holds the whole history, art, science, and skill of earth. use this knowledge to help others. learn from others, and add to earths knowledge, if you can. if you do not use your knowledge and add to it, there wi...

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