Millenium Tower

Millenium Tower

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millenium tower

imagine a skyscraper almost twice the size of the empire state building. this colossus would be a city within a city, hosting its own hospitals, schools, and a range of entertainment and retail options large enough to attract and keep the traffic necessary for the financial success of such an endeavor.

840m high, the millenium tower in tokyo will be almost twice the height of chicagos sears tower, currently the worlds tallest building. the millenium tower will be as large as a small town but it will be built straight up.

the tower is designed to hold 50,000 people and support a mixture of work and leisure activities. town squares, or sky centres will be located every 30 floors, dividing the floors above and below into localities similar to neighbourhoods.

high speed lifts will carry up to 150 people through the towers helical steel structue. there will also be conventi...

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