Freedom Ship

Freedom Ship

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freedom ship

envision an ideal place to live or run a business a friendly, safe and secure community with large areas of open space and extensive entertainment and recreational facilities. finally, picture this community continually moving around the world. you are beginning to understand freedom ship, a soon to be constructed, massive ocean-going vessel. with a length of 4,500 feet, a width of 750 feet, and a height of 350 feet, freedom ship will be one of the wonders of the world a mobile modern city featuring luxurious living, an extensive duty-free international shopping mall, and a full 1.7 million square foot floor set aside for various companies to showcase their products around the world.cost-9 billion.

freedom ship is not a cruise ship, but a fascinating and unique place to live, work, retire, vacation, or visit. the ship will continuously circle the globe, covering most of the worlds coastal regions. its large fleet of commuter aircraft and...

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