Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson

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emily dickinson

an ars poetica dickinsons poems are made of rich silence. thackerey. discuss with reference to three poems.

dickinson is indisputably the greatest woman poet, perhaps the greatest woman writer in the history of american literature, a fact that has stimulated a great deal of feminist interest in her work. gender critics have sought to explore what is uniquely female in her poetic sensibility, and to consider her life and its choices for what they reveal about the options available or unavailable to women in her culture and in american culture generally, and for the degree to which the choices that she made can be seen as the manifestations of a specifically feminine sensibility.
the first thing that any reader notices about dickinsons poetry is the uniqueness of its style, not only the rich silence they are made of, as thackerey said, but also the profoun...

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