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The tragedy of julius caesar
william shakespeare

in 1598, francis meres described shakespeare as the most excellent in both sides - comedy and tragedy. his comedies are unsurpassed for the marvellous harmony they establish among so many apparently discordant elements. his tragedies, rightly interpreted, do not reveal a spirit of gloom and disillusionment. yet, if we ponder carefully, while the themes of shakespeares tragedies are indeed dark and dismal, the message that they impart is that, no matter how deep the misfortune or how dreary the circumstances, man is capable of rising from his own ashes, like phoenix think of richard ii, henry v, king lear, or prospero. good will triumph over evil, in the end think of hamlet, macbeth, julius caesar.
as the theme and message in shakespeares comedies, they can be summed up in two lines from as you like it
all the worlds a stage,
and all the men and women merely players
in his comedies, just as in re...

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