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Bac 2002 1-2 ore

1.1to tell 2to stay 3carry 4to work 5left 6must
2.1left just 2warning 3might 4neednt have run 5to watch 6will have gone
3.1might as well 2already 3is there 4compass 5to talk 6used to be
4.1the 2fundamentally 3revise 4mustnt 5even though 6should
5.1the moment 2are 3were 4its getting 5are 6there is
6.1these days 2say is 3is it is much 4are 5in a few minutes 6are them
7. flat was broken into while i was away.
2.the more sweets you eat, the fatter you get.
3.john may be busy today, as he has to write an essay by tomorrow. gi-hasdeu 2002
4.if only i hadnt told them about it last night.
5.they inquired what had happened that morning.
6.if i hadnt lost my key, i could have entered the house.
1.if you had listened to me, you wouldnt be asking these questions.
2.there is no doubt about my being promoted in a months time.
3.this was a difficult decision for me to...

bac, 2002
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