Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

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Albert einstein

1.when was he born
he was born on the 14th of march 1879.

2.where was he born and did he spend the rest of his life there
he was born in ulm, germany,but he travelled all around the world and lived also in munich,milano,berlin,prague,zurich,bern and new jersey.

3.why is he so famous
he is well-known all around the world because he proposed the theory of relativitity,a physical theory of gravity,space and time.

4.what did he receive in recognition
he received the noble prize in physics for his work on the photoelectical effect.

5.he was a nonconformist.what did he do with the money received as a reward
he gave it to the poors of berlin.

6.why did he leave germany
he left germany when hitler came to power because he was a jewish and he was afraid of hitlers policy concerning his people.

7.where did he go and what did he do
he went in the...

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