Actiuni Asupra Solului

Actiuni Asupra Solului

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Land reclamation makes otherwise inaccessible areas available for human use. swamps, deserts, and submerged coastal lands are naturally inaccessible surface mines, waste-disposal sites, and municipal landfills are waste areas created by human activity. the land reclaimed from such areas has been used for agricultural and forest crops, recreation, wildlife, and industrial or residential development.

reclamation of naturally inaccessible areas

naturally inaccessible areas are frequently the result of moisture extremes. wet areas must be either drained or land-filled. drainage see drainage systems is accomplished in several ways by building a system of channels, by laying drainage pipes, and by pumping. in many cases embankments must be constructed to keep water out of the reclaimed areas. landfill operations require large quantities of suitable fill material such as sand, which is often obtained by dredging adjacent areas. water is supplied to arid areas either...

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