The Ideal Gas Equation

The Ideal Gas Equation

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The ideal gas equation
the three historically important gas laws derived relationships between two physical properties of a gas, while keeping other properties constant

these different relationships can be combined into a single relationship to make a more general gas law

if the proportionality constant is called r, then we have

rearranging to a more familiar form

this equation is known as the ideal-gas equation
an ideal gas is one whose physical behavior is accurately described by the ideal-gas equation
the constant r is called the gas constant
the value and units of r depend on the units used in determining p, v, in and t
temperature, t, must always be expressed on an absolute-temperature scale k
the quantity of gas, n, is normally expressed in moles
the units chosen for pressure and volume are typically atmospheres atm and liters l, however, other units may be chosen
pv can hav...

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