Autotrophic And Heterotrophic Nutrition

Autotrophic And Heterotrophic Nutrition

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autotrophic and heterotrophic nutrition
exist 4 kinds of nutrition and depends on organism. autotrophic and heterotrophic is characteristic only for plants and animals. humans, like all animals eat food which has be made by other organisms. the food we eat contains organic substances, especially carbohydrates, fats and proteins which have been made by plants. plants are able to make these substances from inorganic ones they use carbon dioxide and water to make carbohydrates by photosynthesis. the addition of a few inorganic minerals ion, such as nitrates and phosphates, enables them to synthesize all the other substance which they require ,such as proteins and nucleic acids.
all animals on organic substances which have originally...

autotrophic, and, heterotrophic, nutrition
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