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James Stirling

James stirling 1981 pritzker laureate james stirling, 1926-1992, of great britain was one of that countrys best-known architects particularly since his 1963 project at le...

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Queen Victoria

victoria r. 1837-1901victoria was born at kensington palace, london, on 24 may 1819. she was the only daughter of edward, duke of kent, fourth son of george iii. her fat...

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Help Save The Planet

help save the planet did you know that... if you throw away 2 aluminum cans, you waste more energy than 1,000,000,000 one billion of the worlds poorest people use a...

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football, american, distinct type of football that developed in the united states in the 19th century from soccer association football and rugby football. played by p...

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Like the old joke about london buses, you wait for ages and then three come along at once. this is suddenly the season for books on language development and change. this...

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Atestat Engleza

ministerul educatiei si cercetarii coordonatori prof. chira carmen prof.popa liana absolvent camarzan claudia mai 2003...

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Alvaro Siza

Alvaro siza 1992 laureate every design, says siza, is a rigorous attempt at capturing a concrete moment of a transitory image in all its nuances. the extent to which this...

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Aldo Rossi

Aldo rossi the late aldo rossi has achieved distinction as a theorist, an author, an artist, a teacher and as a architect, in his native italy as well as internationally....

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The Paparuda

11th february 2003 romanian festivals romania has many beautiful festivals and traditions. people have festivals for each season. here are some festivals that romanian...

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The People

The people population england is the largest political and geographic division of the united kingdom which also includes wales, scotland, and northern ireland. about f...

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United Nations

United nations iintroduction united nations un, international organization of countries created to promote world peace and cooperation. the un was founded after world war...

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Alfred Nobel

alfred nobel was born in stockholm on october 21, 1833. his father immanuel nobel was an engineer and inventor who built bridges and buildings in stockholm. in conn...

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An Absent

an absent-minded person it was a sunny april morning, the people in the city had already begun their monday routine. all of them ressembled machines that were progra...

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